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WharfBoatShow-New(3-11) from Hstrickland on Vimeo.

Orange Beach Boat Show This Weekend Orange Beach, Alabama, famous for its wonderful family fun and great fishing, is sponsoring the Wharf and Yacht Show from 10 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. Hundreds of boats are being shipped in including famous brands like Contender, HydraSports, Yellowfin, and Viking.

Show highlights include the VIP Show Preview from 2 PM to 6 PM on Thursday, Local's Day on Friday with $5 admission with local ID, Ladies Day on Saturday, and Lagniappe Sunday. There will be free art lessons for the kids and a performance by Florida Georgia Line. The total value of the boats is said to be on the order of $90 million.

Learn more at or call at 251.224.1900

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Do not weigh your Boat down while it’s is being moved on the highway.

Boat transport can be costly if you have ever requested a quote, you know. One way you can reduce some of those costs and potential surprise charges is to drain water from the boat. This means water as well as sewage. Yuck. Let’s admit it, there is already enough crap on the highway, no pun intended.


It is not a good idea to transport your personal belongings in your boat. This not only adds weight but puts stress on your boat. Your boat is meant to float not be jarred along the highway loaded down with extra stuff. If you have a cabin with kitchen facilities you may want to box up dishes, pans, glasses, etc. and carry them by car if possible. (Don’t ask your driver to carry them in his truck this does not decrease the weight, obviously and space in a truck is already limited.)


Fuel is a big issue to transport on the highways for more than one reason. If you are buying a new boat don’t let them “fuel her up” for you…please. This adds to the weight which is costly to the driver in his/her fuel costs and can cause problems at weigh stations for the driver if the permits call for one weight and the rig and cargo is heavier than it should be. Fuel tanks should only contain enough fuel to reasonably get you to a fuel dock once the boat is in the water. Less than 25% max is typically acceptable. Excessive fuel can also be dangerous and could require a hazmat permit. If you are just moving your boat, you do not want to even remotely be faced with that issue. More importantly consider safety first. In case of an accident you don’t want your family or others on the highway with a boat full of fuel.




Another safety issue is the truck/trailer sent to load your vessel is usually determined by the max the boat should weigh. One rig may not be adequate to accommodate your vessel and all the extras which can cause delays, extra charges and/or safety issues along the road. An important thing to remember is this…just about any rig can tow your boat down the highway but can it quickly stop it safely? That is the main issue.


The last time we move a boat that was loaded down with “extra possessions”, and was deemed overweight by Florida Department of Transportation, it ended up costing the owner, yes, the owner, over $1,000 and the driver was delayed more than 2 hours sitting waiting for the ticket to figured and written.


Weight can be estimated by the published “dry weight” of your vessel and then adding the weight of equipment, attachments, fuel and personal belongings and a few extra hundred pounds for good luck.


If you are not certain of the weight, if we have the year, make, and exact model we can help you determine the boats dry weight. If there are major concerns regarding the weight a weight ticket can be obtained along the road at the nearest facility.


As always if you have questions or comments feel free to contact us.



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Professional boat transportation companies do the majority of their work with private boat owners. However, professional boat transport services have much to offer boat manufacturers and brokers, especially those who deal with high end vessels. So why should a yacht builder, or any other boat vendor for that matter, contract with a professional boat transportation service like Flagship Specialized Shippers? Boat transport pros can ensure seamless delivery to the client, giving a more satisfactory full customer service to your valued clients. It is also the nature of the business to keep strong and healthy relations up with a large number of marinas, so we can help your client get their new vessel to the right new home.


boat hauling


Many people purchasing new yachts or other vessels are first-time boat owners. When a potential customer is looking into ordering a new boat, they are picturing being out at sea having fun; or maybe they are picturing their friends' faces when they see the new boat, but either way they certainly are not looking forward to the logistics of boat transportation. If the first step of owning a boat looks like work and not fun, this can tip a potential customer's cost-benefit analysis in the wrong direction.


Of course a shipbuilder or broker could offer their own in-house delivery service to bring clients' new vessels to wherever they need to be going. Still, this could require complicated permitting or licensing not typically kept on-hand by most boat sellers. It could also require coordination with marinas or harbors with which the boat seller has no previous relationship.


Knowing specific rules and preferences of the destination marina can save a lot of time. Boat transport pros already work with most marinas and harbors that a boat might be going to. This means less overhead and quicker service for expectant clients. Let's face it: clients are excited about their new boat and delivery is key to creating an overall positive customer experience that will recommend itself to positive word-of-mouth advertising. Building these relationships, and creating this environment for good customer service, is what boat transportation services already do. When a client wants a new boat, they are right to choose a professional boat construction or brokerage service. When that service wants to ship a boat, they are right to choose boat transport pros.

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