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International Shipping and Boat Transportaion

JSN ImageShowTransporting or Shipping a Boat to a foreign port or even Hawaii involves getting a quote from a International Boat Shipping Company. Quoted to move your boat via water out or in the country is usually based on cubic feet that your boat and trailer encompasses. This means that if you took the rectangle that is required to hold your boat and mathematically figured out the square feet in it, that is what your quote will be based on.

When shipping a boat internationally it is usually best to use a transportation specialist that uses companies that transport boats in the new ships designed just for boat shipping and over the water Transport. These boats actually sink into the water and the your boat floats on and is blocked. Sometimes these ships are loaded by crane.

When transporting your boat internationally, the boat transport carrier will offer additional insurance for your vessel while in transit. It is usually best to exercise this option.

These specialised boat transport carriers that ship boats over the water do not stop at every port of call. It will require you to make arrangments with a boat transport company to ship your boat from your home port to one of these ports of call. You can find several highly qualified boat transporters at our Directory of Boat Transporters to assist in this move.

This info applies to all Boat Transport, Powerboat Transport, Sailboat Transport,
Yacht Transport
, Small Boat Transport, and International Boat Transport.

**This information is being provided as a helpful guide to assist you in the transport of your vessel. Some of the information may have changed or been updated, so check local and state regulations to ensure accuracy. For your convenience we have listed a website for additional information.


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