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Florida Boat Transporters and Haulers like in all other states must comply with the state DOT regulations while operating in the state of Florida. In general when a transporter is operating in Florida the regulations are not that strict. Once a transport company moves the boat to the main highway system the route is clear sailing. The main highways 95 and 75 have high clearance and very little obstructions to contend with with a oversize boat. When transporting a boat on highway 10 from Jacksonville through Tallahassee there a few low overpasses but easily avoided. In some locations the roads are very small close to small communities and boating locations along the coast, this can present small issues transporting the boat to the main highway system but easily accomplished by a experienced boat transporter.

Florida Probably Has The Most Boat Transport Activity

This is because Florida is a terrific vacation destination and a great deal of the transport activity is generated by boat owners from the north shipping their boats south for the summer. Another logical reason is because of the weather being so condusive to the sport of boating, Florida quite simply has a great deal of boat population. Our transporters that operate in Florida have hundreds of relocations under their belt. For a stress free safe boat transport please view our Florida Boat Transporters and Haulers.

  • When transporting a oversize boat in Florida the general operating hours are from a half an hour after sunrise to a half an hour before sunset, Monday through Friday. Saturday you can move a boat till noon with a proper permit.
  • One pilot car is required when the boat exceeds 12 feet wide. Two pilot cars are required when hauling a boat that exceeds 14 feet wide.
  • One pole car is required in Florida when transporting a boat over 14 feet tall.
  • A boat is considered oversize when it is over 8.6 wide and over 13.6 tall loaded. A Florida State permit is required for all oversize transports.

For more specific information on oversize load permits and regulations see the Florida DOT website: http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/registration-licensing/licensing/OVERVIEW.htm


This info applies to all Boat Transport, Powerboat Transport, Sailboat Transport,
Yacht Transport
, and Small Boat Transport.

**This information is being provided as a helpful guide to assist you in the transport of your vessel. Some of the information may have changed or been updated, so check local and state regulations to ensure accuracy. For your convenience we have listed a website for additional information.


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